Help Us. Help You.

Work off the cost at Trenavin

The wonderful church and grounds at Trenavin Chapel require regular maintenance.

So we’re offering you the opportunity to offset the cost of your hire in exchange for your time and skillset on our many projects.

From painting and repairing the church to tractor work preparing fields for pasture seeding or mulching there is always something to do.

If you’re a tradesperson we can discuss specific project work to offset your hire fees.

Should you wish to explore this further we allow $200 per day for any manual labour and higher rates for specific trades.


Trenavin chapel is a community service for us with no profit motive or opportunity.

Our aim is to provide everyone with a chance to enjoy this beautiful venue for their special celebration. So, grab a few friends, book in for a few days of helping us around the property and we’ll help you achieve the event of your dreams!