Can I have a marquee reception on site?
No at present we are not providing this service

Can I have a small reception in the summer house?
A small pre or post event function can be arranged in our Summer House at an additional charge for hire of the space. You can arrange your own caterers for food and beverages with full use of the Summer House facilities. Alternatively, our Co-Ordinator can arrange catering for you.
   .   .

Do you have a list of caterers or hire companies that you recommend?
Our Co-ordinator will be happy to discuss your requirements.

Will you provide security on the day?
Our Co-ordinator will be available to assist on the day, however you will be required to provide a person on the front gate to ensure that only invited guests enter the premises.

Can we provide our own flowers or other design additions to the chapel?
Absolutely! You are welcome to arrange flowers and other additions to personalise your wedding.  Please note that these additions will need to be delivered on the day of the event and removed the same day.

Do you provide a PA system or microphones on the day?
The Chapel has full Wi-Fi connectivity. Your choice of music will need to be downloaded prior to the day, as being on the edge of a cliff, the internet isn’t always reliable. Microphones are available and there are speakers both inside and outside the Chapel.   .

Can I have more than 80 guests?

Our Chapel seats 80 guests comfortably or up to 130 guests standing – however, please understand that additional guests will be required to stand outside, in the Summer House or in the gardens. Please consider the season and weather carefully when booking your event.

Can we cut a cake and have champaign at the Summer House?
Use of the Summer House is provided for pre or post event celebrations, but this MUST be booked along with booking the Chapel.

Do we have a catering pre and post service option that you offer?
Our Co-Ordinator can help you arrange catering for your event.

Do you provide some seating around the summer house?
We can provide an additional 20 outdoor chairs available on the day.

Is Uber available on the Island?
Not normally. Guest should either be bussed in or share rides where appropriate.

Can we provide our own catering, drinks and staff?
This can be arranged subject to working out the details for access with us.

What time do we have access to the property on the day?
Access is 1 – 1 1/2 hours prior to your ceremony.

Can we have pews removed so we can accommodate more guests inside the Chapel?
Unfortunately, pews cannot be removed.